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Hi there! I’m Matt, and I’m computer scientist, engineer, and startup founder who loves working on the bleeding edge of technology and developing products to improve the lives of users all over the world. I enjoy both leading teams and writing code.

I’ve been the head of engineering for a fast-growing startup, led teams at Google and Apple, and been a Professor of Computer Science at Harvard. My technical background is in machine learning systems, distributed systems, networks, mobile computing, and embedded systems.

I am the founder of a startup in the AI space, currently in stealth mode.

Previously, I was SVP of Engineering at OctoML, a Seattle-based startup developing technology to optimize and secure machine learning models for deployment. OctoML is developing Apache TVM, an optimizing compiler for ML models, as well as cloud-based services to measure, tune, and package ML models for a wide range of hardware backends.

Prior to OctoML, I was an engineering lead and computer scientist at Apple, working on the Machine Intelligence team in Seattle. My team specialized in optimized on-device AI.

Prior to Apple, I was a Principal Engineer at, a startup developing efficient AI for embedded systems. I led Xnor’s Platform and Systems team, focusing on our high-performance inference engine. Xnor was acquired by Apple in early 2020.

Prior to Xnor, I spent 8 years at Google as a Principal Engineer and engineering director for the Chrome Mobile team in Seattle. Our team focused on making Chrome and the web great for the next billion users, developing new browser capabilities to make the web faster and use less data.

Some of our team’s projects at Google included:

Prior to joining Google, I was a Professor of Computer Science at Harvard University. My research group at Harvard focused on operating systems, networking, and novel applications of wireless sensor networks, consisting of tiny, battery-powered devices capable of collecting data and communicating locally via a low-power wireless radio. Some of our research projects included:

Former Students, Postdocs, and Advisees

Prior to Harvard, I was a Senior Researcher at Intel Research, Berkeley from 2002-2003. I did my PhD in Computer Science at UC Berkeley (2002) and my bachelor’s in Computer Science at Cornell University (1996).

I also do a bunch of software and electronics projects under the banner of Team Sidney Enterprises.