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Google, Inc.
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I am a technical lead manager at Google, where I work in the areas of mobile computing, distributed systems, and networking. I lead the Chrome Cloud team, which spans multiple subteams: Chrome Sync (synchronizing bookmarks, settings, tab history across a user's devices); Chrome Data Saver (a proxy service to compress web pages); Google Cloud Messaging support in Chrome; and multiple projects to improve Chrome's performance and functionality in emerging markets.

Prior to joining Google, I was a professor of Computer Science at Harvard University from 2003 until 2010, and a senior researcher at Intel Research, Berkeley from 2002-2003. I did my PhD in Computer Science at UC Berkeley (2002) and my bachelor's in Computer Science at Cornell University (1996). My research interests span a broad range of topics in the space of operating systems, networks, distributed systems, embedded systems, and programming languages. 

List of publications and talks
Volatile and Decentralized (my blog)
My curriculum vitae


Check out this blog post for some background on the Chrome Data Saver proxy, and this paper from NSDI 2015 which describes the service in some detail.

At Harvard, I was the head of the Harvard Sensor Networks Lab. Some of my previous research projects included:

Pixie: A resource-aware OS for sensor networks
Lance: Utility-driven signal collection in high-data-rate sensor networks
Mercury: A wearable sensor platform for high-resolution motion analysis
RoboBees: An autonomous colony of robotic pollinators
WhiteFi: Networking in the UHF white spaces
Monitoring active volcanoes with wireless sensors
CitySense: An urban-scale open sensor network testbed
Macroprogramming languages and abstractions for sensor networks
CodeBlue: Sensor networks for medical care
MoteTrack - RF signature-based indoor localization
Hourglass and Stream-Based Overlay Networks - Network architectures for Internet-scale stream processing
TinyOS and NesC - OS and programming language support for sensor networks
SEDA - An architecture for well-conditioned, highly-concurrent server applications
Ninja - Infrastructure for scalable, composable Internet services
Jaguar - High performance networking and I/O for Java
VIA, U-Net, and U-Net/SLE - Fast, user-level network interfaces
UC Berkeley Millennium - A campus-wide cluster-of-clusters


Some of my former students, postdocs, and research advisees include:

Karthik Dantu, Postdoc 2013, assistant professor at University of Buffalo
Jason Waterman, PhD 2013, visiting assistant professor at Swarthmore College
Geoffrey Challen, PhD 2011, assistant professor at University of Buffalo
Geoffrey Mainland, PhD 2011, assistant professor at Drexel University
Rohan Murty, PhD 2011, Society of Fellows at Harvard and Executive Assistant at Infosys
Ian Rose, PhD 2011, software engineer at Monetology (formerly at Google)
Chelsea Zhang, BS 2010, Solar Mosiac, formerly at Amazon and Obama for America
Peter Bailis, BS 2010, PhD student at Berkeley
Bor-rong Chen, PhD 2009, CTO of Biosensics LLC
Konrad Lorincz, PhD 2009, Network Scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies
Stephen Dawson-Haggerty, BS 2009, PhD from Berkeley
Matt Tierney, BS 2009, PhD student at NYU
Mark Zuckerberg, dropout 2004, CEO of Facebook

I am the author of the O'Reilly book Running Linux, now in its 5th edition.

Travel photos: India (Aug '06, Dec '01), Belize and Guatemala, China, Ecuador (Aug '07, July/Aug '05, June '05, July '04), Morocco, Ethiopia,Papua New Guinea, Laos, Bolivia, Malaysia and Indonesia, Nepal.

Recent committees and service:

Program committee, MobiCom 2015
Program committee, HotMobile 2015
Program committee, MobiSys 2014
Program committee, MobiCom 2014
Program committee, All Things Cellular 2014
External review committee, OSDI 2014
General chair, HotMobile 2014
Program committee, MobiSys 2013
Program committee, HotMobile 2013
Program committee, SOCC 2012
Program committee, NSDI 2012
Program committee, MobiSys 2012
Program chair, HotOS 2011
Steering comittee chair, ACM SenSys
Program committee, SIGCOMM 2010
Program committee, IPSN 2010
Program committee, EWSN 2010
Program co-chair, SenSys 2009
Program committee, NSDI 2009
Program committee, IPSN 2009
Former Editor-in-Chief, ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks
Prior to 2009: About a zillion others; see my CV.

Other software releases: (Also see research links above)

Python script to suck down album art from Amazon. Quick and dirty.
Installing TinyOS 1.x on Mac OS X (Intel Macs too!)
Debugging a TMote Sky with GDB and JTAG
SlimServer Control extension for Firefox -- Control a local SlimServer or Squeezebox directly from the Firefox status bar. (Unzip the .xpi file and see README.txt for details. Updated for Firefox 1.5.)
NBIO - nonblocking I/O facilities for Java
NinjaRMI - extensible alternative to Java Remote Method Invocation
iSpace and MultiSpace - flexible Internet service platforms